Accentuate Your Natural Beauty

Accentuate Your Natural Beauty

With high-definition 360 lipo treatments in Mt Pleasant, TX

High-definition liposculpting is an advanced technique in body contouring. This comprehensive treatment is designed to remove fat pockets and sculpt the tissue around your entire midsection to create your ideal body shape.

Edgar Zambrano Cosmetic Surgery provides high-definition 360 lipo treatments in Mt Pleasant, TX. During your initial consultation, you'll meet with board-certified Dr. Zambrano to discuss your body contouring goals and plan a personalized high-definition 360 lipo procedure to offer maximum results.

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Is liposculpting right for you?

Dealing with stubborn stomach fat can make you feel self-conscious and keep you from living your best life. High-definition 360 lipo is designed to:

Target all areas of the abs, hips, and back.
Remove or reshape stubborn abdominal fat.
Create more muscle tone and shapeliness.

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